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Wake up on LAN


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I have a question w.r.t client laptop computers, which are often set to go to standby or sleep. Often this prevents automated backups from executing.


My licensed Retrospect 7.0 Professional for Windows automatic backup script does not allow time for a windows XP client computer on standby to wake up. This means I get the -530 (client not found) error, unless I schedule a separate task with Windows (scheduled task w/ NET Frame protocol or magic packets) to first wake up the client. Wake on LAN is properly enabled on the client.


Does Retrospect 7.5 for Windows address this issue by allowing a delay in executing a script, so as to allow the client to wake up? I do not see anything in the documentation for v. 7.0 or the brochures for v. 7.5 that suggest that this is the case. If it does, then that would give me a good reason to upgrade.

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What you say is possible. However, having to maintain both a schedule for the Retrospect and a seperate schedule for the "somehow" is a complication I think I (and probably a few other users) can do without. Your suggestion is basically what I am having to do; but it is really a work around.


Trying to run the Retrospect script actually does wake up a client computer on standby by itself. However, by the time the client gets done waking up, Retrospect has already logged an error and terminated the backup - kind of a dumb feature, if you ask me. That means you can actually get a successful backup by scheduling it twice in succession! Problem is, if the client is not on standby, then the backup will actually have to run twice.


The delay I refer to is having Retrospect itself first wake up the client computer and then delay or retry the backup later, if it does not get an immediate response; this allows it to effectively wait for the client to finish waking up. I had been wondering if this facility was built in to the newer 7.5 version. From what I have seen in some older posts I finally found on this subject, it apparently is not. Here's to hoping EMC will wise up.

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