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Moving a backup set?


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What's involed in moving a backup set to another drive?


I want to move the backup set to an external drive, which I can easily do.. however, I want Retrospect to continue to add to the backup set, which I imagine I can do by modifying the schedule.. is there anything else needed? Do I need to recreate the DR CD? Will restore work if the backup set is on another drive, ie, will it prompt me for the backup set and its location, or do I need to change some pointers? Or do I just delete the backup set and start all over with the external drive?



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You should be able to go to Configure>Backup Sets, get Properties on your backup set, go to the Members tab, get Properties on the particular member and change the location to the new location.


This should work, but if it doesn't, you can always move the data, then go to Tools>Repair Catalog>Recreate from disks and point it to the new location. This will basically create a new catalog for your backup data. You will need to update any scripts that pointed to the "old" catalog file.

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