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Tech Support?


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I see the Customer Service forum doesn't want tech support questions...but I don't see a technical support forum so I'll put it here and copy/past it into another post if it belongs elsewhere.


Basically here's the lowdown.


One of the Managers here bought Store-It drives with Retrospect 7 to be used as a remote backup tool for our sales force. Our own technical support team did not get to test this ahead of time, but this product was "sold" to the powers that be as a simple one-touch-monkey-can-do-it backup solution that would even remind them to do so every Monday morning or the next time they powered on if they missed the Monday.


The issues we've had since deploying this range from getting no reminder at all, to the users getting the backup wizard when they hit the one touch button (which they shouldn't since we setup the wizard initially and performed the first backup), the wizard options seem to randomly change during each backup session. Needless to say the sales force rarely (if ever) uses the product and I have been charged with correcting this debacle.


The idea is that once the initial setup is done and the settings are chosen, the person plugs in the drive, hits the button, and the backup begins without further interaction from the end user except maybe to click 'finish' or 'OK' at the end.


So my question more or less is whether or not upgrading to 7.5 is going to make any difference at all or if this honestly just is not a smart backup solution for remote sales people, who are not technically savvy, and may only turn on their laptops once or twice a week?


Is there a trial version of the latest and greatest that I could use to test?



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