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Transfer Snapshot to tape


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I have configured a scheduled job for every day in the month (each job runs every 4 weeks) to transfer all recent snapshots to tape.


If I choose "Normal" in Action under scheduled executions this will cause the job to alway append data to the tape/tapes.


But what if I choose "Recycle" in stead. Will this allow the job to overwrite the tape?

Would this count as a complete backup 30 days back on tape?


What happens if I change the option from Normal to Recycle on the Backup Set holding the tape? Is this not the same as above?


I have read the manuels, but not sure I fully understand the Transfer Snapshot options regarding Normal/Recycle.




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The source doesn't matter in the context of recycling (or not) of the destination backup set.


Normal will append to tapes, NOT copying files already on the tapes.


Recycle will empty the backup set, causing all files to be added to tapes (once as usual).


Whichever you choose, you will have the last snapshot (of each client disk) transferred to tape. You will not have all snapshots from the disk source transferred to tape.

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hhmm okay...


If I ever had to do a complete restore of a client from tape, would the last snapshot on a specific tape backupset be efficient to do this? (or would it require tapes from multiply backupsets).


Is a "snapshot" added to the backupset always a complete backup of a client. What I mean is, if I would do a restore would it require all the active snapshots from the client to be accessibel or only the last snapshot?



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A snapshot is exactly that: A snapshot of the files on the client at that instant.


You will need just one backup set to restore one of the snapshots from that set. That snapshot restore may need files from any of the member tapes from that backup set.


You should have (which I believe you already have) at least three backup sets of tapes on a rotating basis. So even if you just recyled one backup set, there are two others to restore from.


EDIT: I forgot the last question:

You only need the last snapshot on tape.

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thanks, thats great.


I have 30 tape backup sets created, one for each day in the month.

Every day I transfer the most recent snapshot from disk to tape from all disk backup sets, so this would give me a last 30 days back to restore from tape if the actual backup server holding the disk backup sets should crash.


This is because I groom the most of my disk backup sets every week, so they only contain 7 days of data back.


Then my plan is to do a "transfer all backup sets" to tape one time each month, so I have a complete backup of the data in the disk backup sets 12 month back.


Thank you for your help.



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