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Apple Script Event Handler

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I'm trying to setup email notifications on os x server 10.4


I'm not very familiar with apple scripts. There is a part in the Retrospect instuctions where it asks me to "point" the Retrospect Event Handler to the "mail" application. When I double click nothing happens??


Also. If I use the "Mail" application do I need to setup the server address in there? Will this mean that I have "mail" running on the os x server?


Help!!, Thx, Will

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People may disagree with me on this, but I STRONGLY suggest that you use the python version, NOT the Mail version. Apple changes their API interface for Mail occasionally with OS releases, and that will break your email notifications. If you use the Python version, you will remain independent of changes to application programs.


The python version has two parts, "macmail.py" and "Retrospect Event Handler". Both go in /Library/Preferences/Retrospect

No changes have to be made to macmail.py; you have to edit Retrospect Event Handler to supply your parameters at the start using Script Editor, then

save as application, stay open, never show startup screen,

then change the name of the saved file by deleting the ".app" at the end (it must be EXACTLY named "Retrospect Event Hander").


should work then. I've got a modified version with trigger scripts (in case you need to special case some scripts, such as starting/stopping a Mac OS X mail server so you can get good database backups, etc.) and a couple of bug fixes (so you can send emails like "User Name" <username@yourdomain.com>). Send me a private message with your email address if you want me to email my script to you.


Link to the Python email package is:

Retrospect Python KB article


Hope this helps,



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