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MapError unknown Windows errors

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Running Retrospect 7.0.344 for SBS 2003 with multi-server


I have recently started to see the following in my operations log:


MapError unknown Windows error -2,147,165,949

MapError unknown Windows error -2,147,221,504


This appears whether I backup a remote drive, local drive, exchange storage or mailbox item. The backups seem to complete and I do not see any event log errors.


Does anyone know what this might mean and how to resolve the issue?


Many thanks



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These messages should not be showing in the error log. By that I mean these are normal exceptions that Retrospect will handle but should be invisible.


To be safe (and this is always a good practice) test restore some or all of the files where the error occurred. If you are able to restore those files it is safe to ignore the error messages. I understand you don't want to see these errors, but as stated this is most likely safe to ignore.

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Thanks for the info, but surely this cannot be correct to have these error messages all the time?


As I mention, they have started only recently. Other than the normal MS security updates, nothing has changed on my server that I believe could affect the backup process.


Can anyone identify what these messages actually mean?





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