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Restrospect won't launch

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On MacOS X 10.1.5, my Restrospect Desktop (5.0.205) has suddenly quit launching. It bounces once and then stops.


First, make sure that there are no open windws that might be obscuring the Retrospect login screen; I've seen this happen where it looks as if nothing is happening, but actually Retrospect is waiting for the password (there is no icon for the running authentication scheme).




If that's not it, there might be some permission problem. Have you installed any new software lately?




Try reinstalling the Retrospect application from your original source.




Try launching Retrospect while logged in as a different Aqua user.




Heck, it might be worth a try to download and run Apple's new Default Permissions utility (not sure of the name). It's deisgned to restore factory settings to some OS X system components.





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Doh. I feel pretty silly. That was it (the window being obscured).




Dantz folks - there should be some type of technote on this in your knowledge base. To the user, it looks exactly like Retrospect is starting and then immediately dying.




(Optimally, you'd also write it up as a bug - the developers should make sure the authentication window comes to the front of all windows)





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