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Retro Server 5.0.205 crashing with elem16.c-687

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I have hit a serious problem that hasn't been resolved by following all of Tech Note 307's steps. This is using the current version of Retrospect Server running on Mac OS X Server. When backing up to any storage set, new or old, the software crashes with a "elem16.c-687" consistency check error. This has been pinpointed to happen when access to particular clients on the LAN begins. These clients are all updated to current versions.




Any help?

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Can you clarify a bit? Is this isolated to when Retrospect accesses a certain group of clients, or is it when it accesses any client? Can you give some configuration information about the clients that cause the assert? Are they 5.0? Were they updated from previous versions? OS?




Have you tried reinstalling the client software?




Have you tried reinstalling the Retrospect software, and/or recreating your Retrospect preferences?








Irena Solomon


Dantz Tech Support

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