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I am using Retrospect backup 5.15 for windows. We use HPN to network our computers. I started running into a problem with backing up one the the client's computers. I solved the problem by using an ethernet connection from that computer to a hub. Backingup my sixteen year old daughter's computer is a very time consuming task.Thinking that it would speed things up using an ethernet connection the same way I did the other one, I installed an ethernet card in my daughter's computer. The card appears to be working. I can see it, it can see me. I can ping the computer. I unplugged the phone line from the HPN on my daughter's computer and then plugged in the ethernet (the same method I used on the other computer). Retrospect cannot find my daughter's computer. I tried to go into configure clients properties access, but it does not locate my daughter's computer as a client. Any suggestions, I am getting extremly frustrated with this software. When it works it's great, when it doesn't it is a major pain.

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There are a few factors that may be preventing Retrospect from seeing PCs on your network. I'll go over them here. Note that only the Server Edition of Retrospect can see clients in other subnets.




1. The first thing to do is install the client on each client machine and restart, then open the client control panel. The status should be "Waiting for first access", or "Ready" if the client has ever been logged in. If this fails (for example, the client status might be "(network shut down)") then you need to troubleshoot basic TCP/IP network connectivity on the client.




2. The next thing to do is to try and access the client from Retrospect. If you're using Retrospect for Windows, go to Configure>Clients>Add and use the Test button. You can enter the DNS name, the WINS name, or the TCP/IP address. Possible responses are:


error -530 - This means that the host wasn't there (eg, ping failed).


error -541 - This means that the host is there (eg, ping succeeded) but


it's not a Retrospect Client.


Found client... with address, name & version displayed.




If your client has 2 NICS and each NIC has a single address, simply try each TCP/IP address. One should work, and the other should get an error -541.




3. If step 2 succeeded and the client is at the right address, you're done. If step 2 succeeded and the client is at the wrong address, you should be able to edit the BindListener registry entry (see below) to set the address PROVIDED THAT a) The client is running Windows NT or 2000, and B) The address you want to set it to is a fixed (not DHCP) address.




4. If steps 2 and 3 don't resolve your problem, it's time to talk to Dantz Technical support.




BindListener Instructions:


You must be using NT/2000 and want to force the client to bind to a FIXED address.


1. Use the services control panel to halt the Retrospect Client service.


2. In Regedit, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Dantz\Client\5.0


3. Change the BindListener value from "" to the desired address.


4. Start the client service, open the control panel & verify the status is Ready or Waiting for first access.




Irena Solomon


Dantz Tech Support

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Irena thank you for your prompt response. Step one was already checked and the client's computer says that it is ready.




When I ping (step 2) the ethernet card I receive an error 530. When I ping the HPN card I receive an error 541. Also, if I just have the HPN connected Retrospect does not acknowledge that the client is connected.




Step 3, the client runs Windows 98 and the address is DHCP, so I guess that rules out step 3.




Step 4, we use retrospect for a homebased network. I back up my computer, my husband's computer, and my daughter's computer. I find it easier to use a tape back up system to do this. I invested as much money as I want to in purchasing retrospect, I am not about to spend another $69 to receive technical support. I would rather cut my losses and find another backup program whose company will provide either free or low cost support.




It is a shame, because, when retrospect works it is a very nice program, when it dosen't the customer is out of luck.

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One note: if you get a 530, that means that the IP address isn't valid. Choose Run from the Start menu and enter "WinIPcfg", which opens a window with some configuration information. Click its More Info button to see the full configuration. This will list the IP addresses on that machine.




If the client in binding to the wrong card, and this is Windows 98, then unfortunately the operating system does not give us the flexibility to account for this. Some customers have reported that changing the order that the cards load can help. Windows 98 just doesn't have the a level of control that allows the Retrospect client to bind to a different card.

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