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iMac Clients stop working

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I have a client that has an Appleshare IP Server and four Macs -


6400, 7100, and two early iMacs.


The iMacs will backup and then at some point Retrospect loses


the connection. Restarting, troubleshooting, checking for conflicts.


Reinstalling the client is the only thing that works until it happens


again. Access to the server is never lost, so I assume it is not


a network problem.


They run OS8.6 and Timeslips (a networked application).


Any ideas? Been trying to figure this out for two years.


Thank you for reading this.

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What version of Retrospect? Do you get an error? What is the error?




Have you tried conencting the computers with a crossover cable?




Can you be a bit more specific as to what you mean by "Restarting, troubleshooting, checking for conflicts?"








Irena Solomon


Dantz Tech Support

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