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error -5000 (server: no privileges)

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When I create new backup set, I met the error message, error -5000 (server: no privileges), and I can not create new backup set. My situation is,

source: user folder in OSX 10.3.9 server

target: backup folder in OSX 10.4

retrospect 6.1.126

Target machine is over Internet. I want to backup from internal machine to outside machine via Internet.

Created backup folder in target OSX and set privilege for read and write. I can read and write any files in this folder.

But I can not create new backup set in this backup folder from Retrospect.

Any advices, comments are appreciate.

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Any advices, comments are appreciate



The first advice I would give is for you to use the excellent Search capabilities in this Forum for previous discussions of this issue.


Next, I would suggest you read the ReadMe file that accompanies the Retrospect distribution.


Then, if your question is not answered, I'd suggest you provide more specific, detailed information about what you are trying to do.


For example, while "Source" is a term in Retrospect, "target" is not used in the program. Similarly, "Backup Set" is a valid term, while "backup folder" is non-specific.


In general, Retrospect can read/write files to Apple File Protocol mounted volumes as long as they have been mounted by the Retrospect application (or other root process). AFP volumes mounted by a regular Finder user can not be accessed by any other user process, including Retrospect.

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