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Retrospect does not backup GuestPC data files.

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I wonder if anyone else has had this problem. I run Retrospect on a Powerbook 15" with OS version > 10.4 and 1GB of RAM & 100GB HD and back up to an OWC external Firewire drive. Most things seem to backup fine, except for GuestPC (Lismore Systems http://www.lismoresystems.com/en/) which is a Windows emulator. What I'm trying to back up is the giant file which GuestPC creates for each Windows system. For example, the GuestPC data file for my Windows 98 system on the Mac is "Windows 98.spcf" and is about 1.9GB in size. I've done many backups over the last year and when trying to restore this file from one of them recently found out that what gets restored is the same filename but only 1.4KB in size. Almost 100% of the file appears to be missing. Strangly, in restore mode Retrospect seems to be able to "see inside" of this .spcf file and see files with names like "CMOS", etc that are not visible in OSX.


Has anyone else experienced this?


Best Regards



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