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Restoring my outlook calendar


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I am very new to using Retrospect Express. I have version 6.0.222 and it seems so confusing to me. I have been having it back up my Windows 2000 pc on a Maxtor external HD for a number of months and when I looked at the log once in a while I saw that it was backing up. I always said I was going to try to learn how the backup was working but never found time (it seems much more confusing than the Iomega I used to use and the Veritas tape backup I used before that). Well suddenly one recurring Friday appointment on my Outlook calendar has disappeared. I would open that appointment each week and add information about the appointment to the appointment. Suddenly last week when I did that, the appontment disappeared and all the rest of that particular Friday appointment since 2001 is gone. All the rest of each date since 2001 is still there on a calendar. I know I can't just restore one appointment but I thought if I could restore the calendar I should get that missing data back. I think though that restoring the .pst file will restore my contacts and e-mails too. In any event after reading tutorials and kb information for 2 days I can't figure out where to find the file to restore it. I found the Restore>Find Files but I don't know if I want to retrieve files and folders or retrieve just files. Where would I want to place the restored files? Back on the C drive? on a CD-RW disk? If I select a recent backup it won't have all the information, just what was changed...if I select the first backup it won't have any of the more recent information. Is this just too complex for me and I should kiss that recurring appointment goodbye, reformat my hard drive and fine an easy backup program to use. Is there any help for me...

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