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Defective Drive?


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I have a Hammer 320GB external drive (new, purchased 1 week ago). Just installed Retro HD Express 2.0, after about 25GB (out of 60GB) are backed up the backup fails. The drive disappears. In device manager I get a yellow triangle with error 43.


Noticed when it was backing up the drive was getting very warm. This was repeated 3 times. Then tried using Windows XP Pro ntbackup.exe (backup that came with XP Pro), the backup was successful and the drive did not get warm. This was repeated twice with the same result. A good backup and a cool drive.


I called Staples and they are going to replace the drive, but seeing how XP Backup works I wonder if it is indeed the drive.


P4 3.6 gHz, 4GB Dual Channel 800mHz RAM, 10K RPM Raptor HDD.



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New drive repeateadly fails. Getting a write cache error (write caching is disabled on the external HDD so this is sort of confusing) can not tell if the drive disappears before the error or after.


Called EMS support yesterday, after an hour on hold I had other things to do and could not wait any longer.


Completed 5 successful Windows Backup 53GB backups with no problems. Next day I try Retrospect and failed after 20 GB written.


Drive remained very cool using Windows Backup, got very hot using Retrospect.


Do support read these forums?



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