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Mac Retrospect Workgroup not backing up 2003 server volume files

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Every month, I archive our Mac production files from a Windows 2003 server share to the Mac and DAT tape. All worked great on a Classic Mac and version 5, then I upgraded to 6.1 on an OS 10.3.9 Mac and have not successfully backed up since.


When I mount the server volume on the Mac desktop, from the Mac Finder, I can see all the files and folders inside the share and read and write to the server with no issues. I am logging onto the server as an Administrator. If I view the server volume inside of Retrospect, I can see the shared volume name, but no files and folders inside the share. If I try to write a test file to the volume from inside Retrospect, I get "Can't create folder, error 5000 (server: no privileges) When I try to run a back up, Retrospect flies through, gives no error and backs up nothing.


I can mount the volume as a Windows client and back up, but a large number of files will error with special character problems.


I have even gone so far as to try Extremze-IP. I turned off SFM on the server and shared the server volumes with ExtremeZ-IP. Same problem.


I have tried a permissions repair and Disk Warrior on the Mac. No change.


Any ideas?


Thank you,


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I upgraded to 6.1 on an OS 10.3.9 Mac and have not successfully backed up since



Just a hunch, but when you changed your operating system and upgraded your software, did you read the ReadMe that comes with Retrospect?


This is probably the most often asked (and answered) question on the Forum since Retrospect 5.0.205 shipped for use under OS X (10.1.5, IIRC).


Short answer; configure Retrospect to mount the remote AFP volume. If the volume is mounted by the current Finder user, Retrospect won't be able to see the files inside.

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