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Regarding missed scheduled backup of removable usb thumb drive


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Is there a way for Retrospect 6.5 to prompt me to insert specific media for backup?


I remember when I used OS X that I could set retrospect up to prompt me to insert removable media when it was scheduled to be backed up. It worked great because I would insert zip disks and specific media to be backup up.


I am using Retrospect 6.5 and I don't always have the thumbdrive inserted when the backup is scheduled. What happens is the the scheduled backup is missed/fails and Retrospect doesn't make any attempt to follow up until the next scheduled backup (in this case, once a week).


My goal would be to be able to be prompted to insert media from a missed backup. Since I travel with usb thumbdrives and rw/dvd that I modify, it would be great to have Retrospect remind me to insert the specific media so it could be backed up.


Retrospect does show text telling me to verify that media is ready for the next scheduled backup, but that doesn't make sense since I take the media with me.


Please help!

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