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SQL2005 on a Microsft Cluster


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SQL cluster support: Retrospect supports backing up and restoring a SQL server in a cluster environment with the following limitations


The cluster can only have two nodes.

You can back up multiple SQL resource groups that are shared between the two nodes.


Nodes must be backed up and restored as Retrospect Clients. The Retrospect backup computer cannot be one of the nodes in the cluster.

You can only back up SQL data on the node that owns the SQL resource group. Likewise, you can only restore SQL data to the node that owns the SQL resource group.


Retrospect does not back up and restore cluster configuration information. In a disaster recovery scenario, you will have to manually recreate the cluster before restoring the SQL data with Retrospect.

If you want to make sure your SQL data gets backed up regardless of which node currently owns the SQL resource group, you must have a separate SQL license (and a client license) for each node. If you only want to back up your SQL data when a specific node owns the SQL resource group, you only need a SQL license (and a client license) for that node.


SQL container does not appear: If you install SQL server on a system that is already running Retrospect, you will need to reboot the server before Retrospect recognizes the SQL container.

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