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Restore overwrites identical files

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At least I think that is what is happenting.


Trying to determine if I'm Restoring correctly and if Retrospect is working correctly.


Running Retrospect Backup 6.1.126 with OS X 10.4.8. Backing up to external FW hard drives.


Situation 1:

I have a Duplicate on a partition of the external drive.

I Restore the User folder of that Duplicate with a more recent Backup.

Then that night when I run a Duplicate (Replace Entire Contents) to that same partition to update the complete Duplicate, Retrospect erases the whole User folder and replaces.

Normally when I run a Duplicate it only replaces the changed files.


Why did it replace the whole User folder when only several files had changed since running the Backup?

Is Retrospect working correctly?



Situation 2:


Restored the Users Folder on the Duplicate with a Backup that was done at the same time (actually directly before) as the Duplicate.


It worked fine but:


The information given next to Files Chosen after I selected Users in the browser and Marked Users it reported:

13,179 files selected

15,675 will be overwritten


I proceeded and "watched" it erase the User sub-volume before copying


I then immediately ran another Restore to see what would happen.

This time next to Files Chosen it said:

13,179 selected

13,188 already copied

21 others will be overwritten


I conclude that for some reason Retrospect during the first Restore did not mark files as identical even though they were identical on the Duplicate compared to the Backup.

However after Restoring and then running a second Restore, Retrospect did mark as identical files that were so and therefore did not overwrite.


Is Retrospect working correctly?



Thank you for any education on this.

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