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Font Files Fail to Backup

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Retrospect 6.1 Mac Server & MacOSx Client


I run a backup of a specific folder structure containing users DTP project data.

All backs up fine except all font files are skipped. Text files in the font directory backup fine

No error messages or indication in the logs, just no font files in the backup!


Tried creating a backup specifically to backup one font file, bacup ran successfull, no errors, no font file backed up!


Any Ideas???


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A couple of questions:


How did you determine that the font file was not backed up?


What selector(s) or selection criteria are you using in your backup script?


Are there any font files on the client computer that aren't on the backup computer? (I'm assuming the backup computer also backs itself up.)


Retrospect's default is to back up only one copy of a file, no matter where the location. If you're looking at a particular backup session in Reports> Contents, or if you're searching for files under the client's name, you will not see files that have already been copied in an earlier session or from a different volume.


Instead, you need to view the contents of the client volume's snapshot. Go to Immediate> Restore> Restore files from a backup, highlight the desired client volume or subvolume, and click OK. After Retropsect churns through the catalogue and the backup window appears, click on Files Chosen to see what's there.

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AAhhhh! Good Point!


I am working via my reseller so have not direct access to the system. If I remember correctly, the initial problem was a failure to restore, which should have found the file, unless as you say they were looking in the wrong place.


My contact is out of the country for a couple fo weeks so I'll only beabel to take this up again late this month


THanks for the tip

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