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HELP: boot fails after otherwise successful disaster recovery


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Hello people, i have the following major problem with disaster recovery:


1. Booted using disaster recovery CD, and installed the minimal disaster recovery Windows

2. The minimal Windows did not see the USB 2.0 drive containing the backup set

3. Proceeded with installing the more complete disaster recovery Windows

4. Restored the snapshot successfully using the disaster recovery wizard

5. During the first boot after restoration (before the retrospect helper application fixing registry entries has been run) i get a quick flash of a blue screen for about 0.2 seconds, and after that the machine shuts down.


I was able to take a photo of the flashing blue screen, the relevant part is:

"STOP C0000218 (Registry file failure)

The registry cannot load the hive (file):



6. After this i did a successful recovery using the first, minimal disaster recovery Windows and a 3 months older backup set on DVDs.


7. When the older backup was completely restored (the helper application had run and i had booted couple of times) i tried to do a "live restoration" from the newer hd based backup set. The restoration was completed again fine, and again during the first boot i received the flash of a blue screen and then power went off.


So, it seems that restoring from the more complete temporary Windows as well doing "live restore" both run into same issue where the boot fails because of registry related reasons before the helper application has got a change to restore the registry ...


... Any ideas what could cause this? Or how to work around it?


System: Retrospect 6.5 Pro, Win XP SP 2 on HP NW8240, backup set on Maxtor OneTouch III 500GB USB 2.0



Thanks for any advices,



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