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Newbie needs help. Having hard time with putting together a plan.


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When I started with a 35-person company I was a business ops guy who just knew linux. Than slowly I ended up taking on IT, since I seem to learn quick. Now our company is 100 people and growing and I am in Windows 2003/WinXP Pro world.


Recently I have purchased Retrospect 7.5 multi-server with that value package. Price was right and I needed to go away from native windows backup tool we have been using.


That said, I have put together a rough backup using Retrospect, but I feel I am short of knowledge to put together something I would not mind putting my reputation on.


Question 1: Is there some kind of Retrospect training out there? Web classes? "Cookbooks"?


Question 2: I have a support contract with EMC, do you think they might be able to look through my current setup and walk me through the areas I might have missed, or are they just troubleshooting type people?



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I don't believe there is any sort of training available for the product. Your best bet would be to read through the manual (especially the Fundamentals chapter - I believe chapter 2), read topics with a lot of replies on the forums, and perhaps even subscribe to the Retro-Talk mailing list ( http://list.dantz.com/mailman/listinfo/ ). If you have a support contract for Retrospect, feel free to call for things you can't figure out. They're main job is troubleshooting, but if you have a specific question, they should be happy to help you understand the product better. After all, a well-informed customer is a customer they're less likely to need to help in the future.

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