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Retrospect 7.0 compatibility with Dynamic Disks?


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Are there any issues with Retrospect 7.0 Multi Server and Dynamic Disks (Windows 2003 Server)?


Currently, the C: drive is a single 160GB SATA drive, but I would like to add a second drive and create a mirror pair.


Having just restored from a drive failure, I'd like to make sure that the Disaster Recovery procedure will work with a mirror pair.





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Hi Steve,


Unfortunately I have very limited information regarding this. I have heard of an instance where someone converted an existing installation to dynamic disks, and subsequently ran into issues writing with Retrospect. However, I have also heard that people implementing dynamic disks during installation would not have problems with Retrospect. Also, take not that DR might not be able to load RAID drivers correctly, and you may need to perform a live restore in that scenario.


Sorry I don't have any specifics, perhaps other people here could attest their experiences.

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