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Building a DR boot CD

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Hi --




I've been thinking about DR recently as I'm coming up to doing an experimental migration from Win98 to Win2k and it seems a good time to test it out.




I use Retrospect running on one machine ( call it "T") to back up two machines (itself ("T"), and a second, (call it "R")). I do a backup to online disk, backing up "T" to "R" and "R" to "T", as well as making two sets of backups of each machine to CDR, one set of which is always offsite.




If I understand how Retrospect does this right, then building the DR disk for "T" is not a problem - it will have the drivers for the CD writer that Retrospect would use to restore from.




But how do I build a DR boot disk for "R"? It currently has only a CD reader, which won't work for a restore. Neither will it be accessible online if its in need of DR!




What I will do is to move to writer to "R" should I need to recover it. But what do I need to do *now* to make sure I have a bootable DR CDROM which will work with that *future* configuration? Do I need to make that change NOW, before I build the CDROM, then undo it, or is there an easier way?




Sorry if this is confusing: I'm a bit confused myself...











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The Disaster Recovery CD is currently designed for the local machine only. For crashes on client machines, you can use our Live Restore feature. If your client machine is no longer bootable, install an operating system and the Retrospect Client. You can then log the client in at the application end, and push the restore across your network.

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