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Error 105 every Tuesday; other days fine

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We're getting a repeated error 105 (unexpected end of data) each Tuesday backup to DVD-RW; the other days of the week backing up to different disks complete successfully. All backups are to DVD-RW on a (fully supported) Pioneer DVR-105 internal drive.


Here's the strange thing - we have two DVD-RW disks that are used on alternate Tuesdays and both disks result in a 105 error. We have tried replacing the disks and still get the error. Originally every disk we used came out of the same box; when we started getting the errors and replaced the disks, we used new disks with same product number but the product packaging has been freshened a little.


The error 105 was preceeded by three error 206 (drive reported a failure), one per week, so two on one Tuesday disk, one on the other. The next week we started getting the error 105. No other backups received error 206's or 105's.


Could the error 105 be linked to the earlier 206? Does Retrospect keep a count of media failures on a disk that could lead to a disk being flagged by the error 105 (even through a disk replacement?)


All ideas gratefully accepted!


Many thanks,



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Thanks - that helps. Does any one have any ideas for further troubleshooting? I'm puzzled that we get the same error on two disks from the same day of the week and not on any of the others. That Tuesday backup uses the same scripts as the Weds/Thurs/Fri backups and they don't have troubles. But it is the first one to run after a Monday backup which uses a different script.


Could the content of the backup itself cause a 105 error? Everything else that I can think of seems to be the same between the backups with problems and the ones that are ok...but I bet I'm missing something :-)

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