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Error 519, among other things


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I upgraded to 7.5, now when I try to connect to a client I get a 519 when refreshing from a client's properties page. Restrospect can find the client when I test the address and it shows the client at the address. I cannot update the client with the client updater because the client isn't found. If I remove the client from the server, retrospect will rediscover it. Why can 7.5 see the client to add it, but not be able to communicate with the client to update or backup? I recycled the service , just in case, but that didn't help.



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Thanks for responding:


The clients are on DHCP, but I added them by name. THe IP address that shows on the client property page is the IP that the client is currently using. That is part of what is so confusing. I can test an IP and Retrospect returns the correct client, Retrospect can discover a client that is unassigned, but cannot communicate when I try to refresh the connection or run a backup.

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If the clients no longer respond to multicast perhaps they are unable to receive signals to their hostname. You should try to determine why they are not available via multicast.


The usual reasons are:

1) firewall - you need port 497 open for TCP and UDP

2) multicast signal blocked by network hardware

3) client is on a different subnet

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The odd thing is that in the subnet where the server is located, I can backup any version client. In other subnets, 7.5 clients respond, but not the 6.5 clients. I would love to use the update tool to upgrade the clients, but it can't communicate with the clients.

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The 7.5 clients are new installs. The 6.5 clients belonged to my old server. The new server saw them, so I added them to that server so I could back them up. Thinking that they might still be associated with the old server, I cycled the service to see if that would break any "in use" issue (I never got that message).


I cannot figure out why the 7.5 server could see the clients, let me add the clients, but when I try to "refresh", not be able to communicate with the client, especially since it had just communicated with the client while adding it to the server.


I really hate the idea of trying to update the clients without using the client update tool. That may be my only option.


Wish I had a copy of 7, I would install it, upgrade the clients to 7, then see if I could take them to 7.5.

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