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Help from Retrospect on issues of similar repeated failures


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A number of users have responded to my post "After backup DVD-R verify shows erased", some with very similar problems to mine; yet thare has been no response from Retrospect monitors, and I cannot figure out how to e-mail one with my question. Is the only way to get help from the software producer on what looks like a glitch in its program software to pay them additionally for a tech support session or does the company sometimes respond to these unanswered forum questions? Anyone got any thoughts on this? Thanks. ABAKADABRA computergrem1.gif

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These forums are considered user-moderated. If you really think your issue is a bug within Retrospect go ahead and contact technical support. Any incident that shows to be a bug within the application will be refunded absolutely.


P.S. You indicate in your first post that you custom-configured the drive. Custom configuration of optical storage devices is not officially supported, there is no guarantee it will work, and you definitely will not be able to open a bug with technical support. Were this a supported drive using tested optical media, that would be a different story.

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