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Dead RAID, full backup disk wth error - Help me pls!


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I have a PC with 3 drives, two in a RAID 0 configuration which contain all my data.

I have been backing up like a good boy. Between the last and the "current" backup I put 9 hours of video onto the RAID.

Left the backup to do it's thing during the day, then when I cam back at night it had failed with the error "Exeuction terminated unexpectedly, possibly due to a power failure or system crash.".

Later that day the phone line is hit by lightning and takes out elements of the PC including the RIAD. I'm not worried as I have been backing up.

HOWEVER I did not realise that the new backup had over writen the existing one however it had issues.


So the situation I now find myself in is that I have a Maxtor one touch drive full to the brim with data however Retrospect is not "seeing" the information (however if I wait long enough I can see it on explorer).


I have looked at recreatign the catalogue however I am scared by the message which talks about "forgetting the old one".


What I think I need to do is buy a larger hard drive and attempt to get the old information expanded onto it - how do I do this?


Many thanks


Miles computergrem1.gif

Editted to add error.

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