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Error 1017 when doing a backup?


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I get this 1017 (insufficient permissions) error message whenever I do a backup. There are 7 errors of this sort, all in the directory containing the files for my Weather Channel's Desktop display of current weather. My question is whether I should be concerned about these 7 errors in the event I ever need to do a Disaster Recovery? Even though these files aren't critical to me, I want to BE SURE that these errors will not be critical to any restoration of data. Can anyone help with this answer. Thanks!

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Unless you have already configured Retrospect to run as a specified user, it will launch with the permissions of the 'local system' account which is fairly limited. You can set Retrospect to run as a particular account in Configure> Preferences> Security. Your user account should have admin rights and would be ideal. For 'log on to...' use your 'Full computer name' as found on the Computer Name tab of System Properties. This should resolve your permissions issues.

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OK. I used my default name which has admin rights and set the name of my computer as it's set up in the system. I didn't enter a password. Are we okay now (I'm a novice)? Anything I should be aware of that might come back to "bite me" in the future by using this setup? Thanks!

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