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Upgrade from 7.0 to 7.5 question...


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I just downloaded Retrospect for Windows 7.5.x. I have been using 7.0 since Jan 2006. and 6.5 sometime before that. I have 8 backup sets and hundreds of snapshots on an external firewire drive. I only use Retro. to backup this workstation. No network involved. I've accumulated several DR discs.


will I be able to read my backup sets created with 7.0? Or will I need to start fresh with a new backup set and just forget all the 7.0 data?


I noticed several posts concerning grooming and "file to big". I don't really need grooming as my external drive is much more than I'll ever fill. Can grooming be turned off?


All my DR ISO's have been too big for years now, Yes, I use the original M$ CD, I can find no large files, it's just to big. But I always "Continue" and the 675 Mb iso writes just fine.


Last year, I didn't survive a lightning strike.I lost everything. (except the external drive). My DR disc worked fine! Can I not "Continue" in ver. 7.5?




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Yes, 7.5 will be able to read your 7.0 backup sets without any trouble. 7.5 will also be able to write to your previous backup sets. The only catch you may run into would be with a grooming attempt. If you did not have the driver update for 7.0, then you will need to rebuild the catalog before you can groom.


However, as you said, you you're not concerned with grooming. Yes, you can disable this option. Go to Configure> Backup sets> Properties> Options> and if either box for Groom is checked, uncheck it.

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