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Slow backup performance


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I am using Restrospect MultiServer to backup about 520GB at the moment on the local server it's installed on which is a Dell PE2650 w/dual 2.4GHZ Xeons and 4GB of ram. I am backing up one partition that contains all our artwork, the 2nd partition has software and data, and the 3rd is the local C: drive. The backup performance never goes over let say 275.0 and that's being generous & the backups are taking about 20 hours to complete. How can I get the performance to increase? What I did notice is that when I have a completed .rbf backup file I can backup that single file to LTO3 with much better performance aroud 1500.0. That's fast, so why is backing up to disk so slow?

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Mon-Fri I back up to disk & on Sat I back up to tape. I backup the root C:\ which has 18,522 files and

takes up 5.88GB, next is the D:\ which has 174,013 files takes up 114GB then the F:\ which has 617,454 files and takes up 340GB. This is done after hours so no one has open files while it's running. It should be getting faster backup performance than in the 250.0 range, right? I have it set to backup the individual folders containing the data within those partitions so the only partition that gets backed up completely is the root.

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