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Launcher service fails to start automatically


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When I first installed Retrospect Express I created scripts that lauched automatically. Now the launcher service fails to start automatically. I followed the instructions that if:


Retrospect Laucher service fails to start: If this happens go to Configure>Preferences and browse to the Execution Startup preferences. Clear the "Enable Retrospect Launcher service" check box and click OK. Go back to the Execution Startup preferences, select the "Enable Retrospect Launcher service" check box, and click OK.


I even rebooted after making each of these configuration preference changes but with no luck. Now, when I boot up my computer I do not get the Retrospect icon displayed in the lower right hand corner. Now, when I launch Retrospect Express, I find that my scripts are automatically defered. When I exit Retrospect Express I get a message telling me which script is scheduled to run next but that Retrospect Express must be launced manually. After exiting the application I then find the Retrospect icon show up in the lower right corner with the message "Retrospect - Execution is deferred".


I don't know that there is a relationship but this seems to have started when I upgraded to 7.5.324. I have since uninstalled Retrospect Exress and reinstalled the older version (7.5.250, I think), as well as deleted and rebuilt my scripts, all with no effect.


Needless to say, Retrospect Express is not near as convenient now that I have to manually lauch the application each time I want to backup. Help!?!



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