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Error -212 (media erased)

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Thanks for the help with Trouble reading files, error -3694.


I thought I found someone with the solution to the 6.5 problem, but it doesn't look like it. I'm receiving an "error -212 (media erased)" on that system -- a SBS2K not running Exchange. It sounds a lot like a problem another guy was having, where it looks like it makes it through the backup, based on the status bar, but then the errors start piling up, I assume on the verify.


There are references to a bad tape, but we've tried to run the backup with about four different tapes over the last four days, and I'm getting the same symptoms on all of them. In an attempt to fix the problem, I recreated all the scripts. I realized that the tape names were different, so I erased them and renamed them to match the backup set, e.g. 1-Thursday for the one I was trying to get working today. I understand the drive could need cleaning, but wouldn't I have run into the problem on the erase and the first part of the backup? I'm trying a recycle backup


As I said, this looked very similar to a problem another guy was having with erased tapes. He discovered that the tape was still attached (correct word?) to another backup set. He detached it, even though that wasn't the indication in the error message, and it worked. I've deleted the old backup sets, so is there still a reason why I'd be getting that error?


I searched the User's Guide for 212 and didn't get any matches except page 212. I tried "error -212" here (w/ quotes) and received a few hits, but the hits didn't mention error 212. I may not be using the search engine correctly, but at this point I'm falling asleep at the keyboard, so I should probably call it a night.


Thanks a second time.



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