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Retrospect 6 performance issue with "duplicate" function - workaround?

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Hi all,

this might have been already discussed but could not find any tech note or comment about it in the forums.

I am experiencing very bad performance with Retrospect RDU installed with OSX 10.4.7 - 2Ghz dual ethernet G5 PPC - 2 Gb Ram (only one card connected at 1000).

The performance of "duplicate" Mac clients (part with 100 other 1000 cards) is way slower compared to regular backups in Retrospect format.

It surely depends on network traffic as well, but I randomly go from 50 to 150 Mb/minute but this speed does not change very much when I duplicate the internal HDD using a "local" LaCie 1TB FW800 external drive as destination.

The clients destination is a network volume mounted via AFP (ExtremeZ on W2K server).

There was something about it on MacFixit but I am not a MacFixIt Pro subscriber, so I could not read it.

Many thanks for your attention!

Have a great weekend


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I'm not sure but I think the big reason has to do with folder/file permissions.


With a backup, the permissions are simply stored directly in the backup file.


With a duplicate, the permissions of every folder/file are checked and perhaps set even if they where not backed up. This is needed since a file may not have changed but the permissions for the file might have.


Someone will correct me if I am wrong. smile.gif


Will Mayall

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