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Disaster Recovery with a big drive...


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I have a large (80GB) C drive on windows 2000, and I don't have the capacity to back up the entire thing.




Is there any way I can just back up a few files (documents and a few other data files), yet still use the disaster recovery option? It seems as though I need a snapshot of the entire drive for it to work.




I'd really appreciate any help anyone can give me on the subject.







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Retrospect requires the registry, along with other system state information, to make a Disaster Recovery CD. The only way to backup this information is by selecting the C: drive as a source.




The Disaster Recovery CD is designed to boot your system with a temporary operating system, and then use your backup to restore the computer back to the previous state. So, you can see that even if you could make a DR CD, with documents only, the resulting restore would fail to revive your computer. You would have to reinstall your system and application from scratch and then restore your documents with Retrospect.




With the Desktop and higher editions, you can create your own custom selectors to exclude certain files or folders from the backup. E.g. Exclude all files matching the name *.mp3 or Exclude all folders matching the name My Documents. This would allow you to pare down your backup, yet still backup the files/folders necessary to have a functional computer. This functionality is not available in Express.

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