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can't write, error 1017 hassles


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hi All. just got my hands on Retrospect version when purchasing a NAS (yellowMachine). Im trying to duplicate an external HDD on my main workstation (running Retrospect client and server) to a folder on my NAS. I have logged into my workstation using my main (admin) login and mapped to the NAS main drive. I can successfully create/modify/delete files on this mapped drive using windows explorer. When i try a duplicate it seems to be working however all files that are created are 0KB, if you look at the retrospect log is shows the error: can't write, error 1017.


I have tried both options in the security preferences, i.e. run as logged in user (which is the same user that created the duplicate script) and run as specified. I have also tried setting the auto-login for the backup volume, using the same login details i used to map that drive in the first instance, and also using my admin login.


none of these options work, its doing my head in..


can someone point out the obvious mistake im making (i hope) before i bang my head one too many times.



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Do you know how the YellowMachine is formatted? Is it NTFS?

In your Duplicate script, can you try going to Options > Window > Security > and uncheck all the security options?


Retrospect by default will try to copy Windows security information along with the folders/files and it sounds like the volume you are duplicating to (ie. the YellowMachine) may be formatted as something other than NTFS which probably cannot handle Windows security information.

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thanks michael. eventually your suggestion around the security settings did the trick. I say eventually because i did as you said and tried again, same result. when i revisited the script the settings had reverted. the only way to deal with it was to delete the old script and start a new one.. thanks heaps, wish i had asked 2 days ago!!

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