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Error message: too many data

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Retrospect 5.6.137 German

I try to translate original error message:

It is not possible to add so many data to a backup set. (maximum is 1.000,0 GB)

(German Original:

Einem Backup-Set können nicht so viele Daten hinzugefügt werden.

(maximal sind 1.000,0 GB möglich).


During scanning of local harddisk size-counter steps to 130.000 GB!! ( I would like to have such a disk!)

Then error follows.


Using of other scripts - no success

New script - no success

check of hard disk - no success

When using SETTING tip in main menu and checking local disk size is OK (~60GB)!

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Reason found!!




I had to check ~300.000 files. (Thanks to Sysinternals filemon program.)




There was a file with the exorbitant size of >130.000GB!! By checking properties of this file the size was reduced to is real size (~1KB). Retrospect then worked again.




Maybe a problem of OS (WIN2KServer)?

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