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Spectra Logic (Treefrog) autoloader support

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I am experiencing problems with a Spectra Logic treefrog tape library (Sorry for the Forum cross-post). Here are the specs:




Retrospect 5.0.205


Driver update 2.7.102


Mac OS X Server 10.1.4 (Build 5S40)


Mac OS X Client 10.1.5 update applied (Build 5S66)


PowerMac G4 Dual 1GHz




The tape library is connected via an Atto PCI SCSI card. In Retrospect's Device Status, the library shows up as two entries:




ID      Vendor   Product   Version  Driver


SCSI-A:3 SONY    SDX-500C  01c9    Sony AIT DC (5.01)


SCSI-A:5 SPECTRA 215       1005   Spectra Logic Library (5.01)




Unattended backups proceed fine, but stop at the verification process. Instead of auto-loading the first tape and proceeding with the verification process the backup script stops and asks that the tape named "1-StorageSetName" be inserted to continue. This is our first experience with the loader...we have *not* used it with a previous version of Retrospect or with Classic Mac OS.



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What are the pin configurations of the drive and the card?




Are there other devices connected?




Which ATTO card?




Try setting the SCSI ID of the drive at 0, 1, or 2 and the library at 3 above that.








Irena Solomon


Dantz Tech Support

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Ok, after a long time away from this I am back to work and looking to resolve the issue.




The SCSI card is an ATTO EPCI-DC (Dual-channel Ultra/WIDE). The Treefrog is the only device on the chain. Per your advice the device is now configured thusly:




ID      Vendor   Product   Version  Driver


SCSI-A:1 SONY    SDX-500C  01c9    Sony AIT DC (5.01)


SCSI-A:4 SPECTRA 215       1005   Spectra Logic Library (5.01)




The library auto-loads tapes properly for the backup pass, but then stops and asks for a tape on the verify pass. Any other thoughts?

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Correction, the card is the EPCI-UL3S (Single-channel Ultra3) and the interface on the TreeFrog is Ultra2 LVD.




Any thoughts? To summarize, backups proceed normally, tapes auto-load when room runs out, but, on the verification pass, the tapes don't return to the first tape for the verification, instead prompting for user intervention.





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