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5.6 Logging

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Is there any way to have detailed logs that would tell me exactly where my backup is failing. I have Retrospect 5.6.132 running on SBS 2000. The backup is fine on drives C and D but sometime during E the server locks up. This is very consistent, it always happens during backup at any time of day. It does not happen when the backup is not running. I suspect that a particular file is causing the problem (something similar has happened before) but cannot identify it. Drive checking utilities can find no errors on the drive. A file by file log would help me pinpoint the cause of the problem but I don't see any option to do this.


Any suggestions would help....

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Unfortunately, the backup usually runs at night when there are no users on the system and I am not around. Running during the day significantly impacts server performance and would disrupt the users when the server inevitably crashes... not a good situation. Of course, there is also the practical aspect of sitting in front of the screen watching thousands of file names go by in the hope of catching the offending file........


Usually, the display turns off when idle so you can't see what was on the screen when the server goes down. I will make sure that does not happen and maybe your suggestion will pay off.


Incidently, I am backing up most of the contents of the offending drive via another machine running 6.0 without incident.

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Does the error happen if you try a backup using the "no files" selector? This will tell us if it is a problem accessing the Registry.


Can you break up the E drive into individual subvolumes to try to narrow down the source of the error?




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