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Retrospect 5.6 problems

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I am having a number of clients who are working during a scheduled back up and am not in a position to schedule a backup during non-working hours. I have recieved a number of complaints of work that was saved during a backup being lossed and files reverting back to the state they were before the backup started. I talked to technical support and was told that with this version of retrospect users should not be working and having open applications during a backup. I was told that I needed retrospect 6.0 and an application called Open File that would allow clients to have open applications and files while a backup is occuring. I would like to know if anyone else has encountered this problem and if so are there any possible work arounds I might try before I consider upgrading to version 6.0. Thank you.

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I have never seen this issue. Retrospect only copies files, it cannot 'revert' them back to a prior state.


This sounds like it might possibly be specific to the application in use when it detects multiple attempts to access the file (through the user and through Retrospect). Maybe it has some type of security features? Again, I've never seen this, but I would start with determining if this only happens on a certain type of file created by a third party software vendor.


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