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manuall uninstall 5.6


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I am trying to uninstall Retrospect 5.6 from win2000. The uninstaller fails from Add/Remove Programs, so I am going to manually uninstall according to the article P008. The two things that I am concerned about is:


1. this article is for 5.1


2. I can not find the three files that this articles say to remove on my system:










Should I just skip over these and continue??

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Manually uninstalling Retrospect:




1) Uninstall Retrospect using the Remove function in Add/Remove Programs


2) Reboot.


3) Go to your Program Files folder, find the Dantz folder, and open it. If there is only one item in it named "Retrospect", then go up one level, and put the Dantz folder into the Recycle bin. If you have other Dantz products installed, simply put the Retrospect folder into the Recycle bin. Empty the Recycle bin.


4) Open the registry editor, by typing "regedit" into the Run prompt (under the Start menu).


5) Search for "Dantz", and delete all entries you find. After your first search, you can type F3, to "Find Again" on "Dantz", to help make the process quicker.


6) Go back to the top of the registry, and search for "Retro", deleting any entries you may find.




That is it. You have now completely removed Retrospect from your system. You can then reboot and reinstall the program.




If you go through these steps and are still unable to install Retrospect, please include any error messages you are receiving during installation, along with any other relevant details.





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