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Retrospect.exe throws error stating it cannot find USER32.dll

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Restrospect (on the server) is throwing an error stating that USER32.dll cannot be found, but USER32.dll is in the system32 directory and the system32 directory is in the PATH. This prevents Retrospect from performing unattended backups, however if we manually launch Retrospect the backups run fine.


Has anyone else experienced this problem? If so, what was the fix?





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The service which autolaunches Retrospect, the Launcher, may not be working correctly. Reinstall it by doing the following:


Go to Special>Preferences from the Retrospect Directory and click Unattended. Uncheck "Enable Retrospect Launcher service." Now quit and restart your PC. Launch Retrospect and check "Enable Retrospect Launcher." Now quit and restart again.


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