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Retrospect Freezes at start of D:

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I have Retrospect installed doing a complete backup of the C: & D: drives on a Win2k server (sp3)


It is scheduled to do a recycle backup every weekday at 10pm, when the office is empty. Some days the backup freezes as it starts to backup the D: drive. There doesn't seem to be any pattern as to what days it will freeze, it all seems fairly random. The last item is the Log is the one re: starting to backup D:


Any help appreciated.


Thanks, fhbeng

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Is the D: drive IDE? USB? Firwire? How is it attached and configured?


Check the drive with a disk utility.

If IDE, try making it the Master drive on the second channel

If USB or Firewire, make sure the drive is plugged directly into the computer - and not through a hub or on a chain with other devices.

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