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Retrospect needs 600GB to back up 3GB


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I'm running Retrospect server 5.0.238 on OS X and I'm trying to backup a Win2k machine using Retrospect client 5.0.540.


The windows machine has about 3GB of data that needs to be backed up, while the backup set has room for about 50GB. The problem is that when I try to backup the machine, retrospect says I need 625GB to do so.


I installed Retrospect a few months ago and uninstalled it because I didn't need it. Now I need it again so I reinstalled Retrospect and logged it in with no problems.


I suspect there's some hidden/invisible file on the windows machine that's telling retrospect that the machine has 625GB to be backed up. This would obviously be a corrupt file that's preventing me from backing up the system. Any suggestions?




p.s. I've had similar experiences where retrospect wouldn't backup because of a corrupt hidden file. The only way I knew how to fix it was to use NAV's view invisible files and delete it from there.

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From the Knowledgebase:




Finder.dat files under Windows When scanning a Windows client, Retrospect 5.0.236 and 5.0.238 may incorrectly report an amount of data to back up that far exceeds the total capacity of the volume scanned. This problem occurs when Retrospect encounters one or more "finder.dat" files on the Windows client volume. Finder.dat files are created when dual-fork Macintosh files are copied to a Windows volume through utilities such as Mac OS's File Exchange or Retrospect's Duplicate functionality. They are used to track the multiple parts of the Mac file while it's on the Windows volume. Dantz is working on a solution to this problem. In the meantime, deleting the finder.dat files from the Windows client volume will alleviate the problem, though the files they represent cannot later be returned to a Mac OS computer with their Mac-specific properties intact.


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