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Retrospect Server 5.15 Assigning 2nd Drive to 1 Drive Library

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I have recently had to reinstall Retrospect after a hardware failure. I am curently running the following configuration:




Compaq EVO D500 (P4 1.8GHz, 256MB RAM)


Adaptec 2930 SCSI Host Adapter


--- ADIC VLS DLT300, 7 slot library (Changer ID: 6 Drive ID:3)


Adaptec AVA-2906 SCSI Host Adapter


--- DLT 2000 Stand Alone Drive (ID: 1)


--- DLT 2000 Stand Alone Drive (ID: 2)




Windows 2000 Professional, Service Pack 3


Retrospect Backup Server 5.15






My problem is this: When Retrospect detects the backup devices, it assigns 2 DLT drives to the VLS library. This model library is a single drive unit, there is no bay for adding a second drive.




By assigning 2 drives, the software is essentially rendered useless because it tries to access both drives via the loader, getting stuck in an endless "loading/unloading" loop.




I have experienced this problem before on my previous install. The "fix" then was to put the 2 stand alone drives on a separate SCSI channel. This does not work now.




If anyone has ANY ideas please share.







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