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Is Retrospect 5.5 compatible with Raid Server ?


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We have a Windows2000 server with a Raid disk configuration. We did a complete backup of the drive C: on the server. After we followed the Disaster Recovery Wisard steps. In the end, we had a bootable CD and a file backup set (backup of drive C:) to restore. So we took another computer to try a complete restore of the server. That computer doesn't have a Raid disk configuration.



I boot up the computer with the bootable CD that Retrospect did we the Windows2000 Server CD. Everything went well until we have to restart after Retrospect restored the Backup Set. When the computer began to restart we had a error saying that the file 'ntoskernel.exe' was corrupt or damaged and that windows cannot go on. I was wondering if we restore a backup of a Server entire disk (Drive C:) to another computer if we have to pay attendion at the hardware configuration ?



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Windows uses the registry to closely detect your computer hardware. If you perform a backup, and then restore to another computer, Windows may have a hard time detecting these items at startup following a complete restore of the system and registry.


The restored registry info must match the currently installed hardware for the computer to boot.



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