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What exactly is "Idle/Loading/Preparing" time?

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in reviewing my logs, I see that Retrospect spends an incredibly long time on "Idle/Loading/Preparing."


There isn't any detail provided in the log about what *exactly* is going on during this period, so I have to ask--what's going on during this time?


For example, I have a server which gets backed up; it has 4 logical drives. In total, the data transfer takes about 2 hours; however, the backup in total takes about 10 hours. why is this, and what can be done to make it stop? is this the result of teh compare taking a really long time? Is there anything that i can do to speed up this process? It's frustrating to see my backups taking so long on something that I can't explain.

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Are you backing up NTFS permissions (on by default with server operating systems)? The backup of NTFS permissions on a large server can take a very long time. Try a backup with this option turned off (options>more choices) and see what the performance is like. NTFS permissions, registry backup, scanning, matching, tape loading, tape rewind are included with the idle/loading/preparing.


How much RAM does the backup server have? How many Files and Folders are on the source disk?

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On a Workstation it is no big deal to not have the NTFS permissions, it just leaves everything on the disk with the "everyone" group having full access following a restore.


On a Windows Server this may be a big issue, since resetting permissions of a large busy fileserver could be a nightmare.


The following Knowledgebase record has some good info also:



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