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Retrospect v5.6 auto-aunch as specific user?


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My machine wakes up at 1am to back itself up, then it sits there (because the "shutdown" preferences option doesn't actually shutdown). When my wife logs into our Windows XP-based machine, it shows her the Retrospect app sitting there. Is there some way to prevent this? So that only if *I* login does it show the application? She doesn't want to be bothered with it (and any associated error messages). Is there a "run as <user>" option? I can't seem to find this anywhere...



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When you install Retrospect you must login as Administrator so that Retrospect can run under the "system account". This allows Retrospect to back up all data on the computer, no matter who the user is.


You will not be able to avoid seeing Retrospect unless you specify, "quit when done" under Special>Preferences and make sure the backup comples before the first morning logon. Maybe start the scheduled backup earlier.

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