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Can't restore short names


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Retrospect 5.6 Windows


Windows 2000 Professional


Intel Celeron 800


512 MB memory


IBM 75 GB hard drive






The second (not operating system) drive was going flaky. So I replaced the drive and did a restore drive using Retrospect.




When the restore completed I discovered that almost none of the applications on the drive worked.




I'm a software developer, so I was able to figure out why: Retrospect didn't restore short file names, so any ActiveX control registered using a short name was not found.




To be specific, the short name for the Microsoft Money executable before the restore was




after restore, the path was






It seems clear to me that Retrospect didn't save and restore the short name, but let it be generated when the file was restored. Since the files are restored in a different order from their original creation, the sort names are assigned differently.




So I now have a machine where nothing works. And a very limited set of choices because I don't have a useful backup like I though I did. This is a serious enough error to make Retrospect useless on the Windows OS.




I can't believe I'm the first to spot this. Do I have a setting wrong? Is there a workaround? Or did Dantz release a backup program that can't restore?










P.S. This also tells me that Retroepect isn't using the BackupRead and BackupWrite api, which is the only correct way to backup and restore on an NTFS file system. In other words, there are other things that Retrospect will fail to restore correctly.

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