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Retrospect 5.6 + Os X?


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We've running Retrospect Workgroup 5.6 on W2k Server with W2k Pro and Mac OS 9 Clients fine.




Now we upgraded one G4 to OS X, and the Retrospect Client isn't working anymore.




As written in other Post's we need Retrospect 6 Single Server for Windows, to backup the OS X Box, right?




So my Question is: Is there an Update from 5.6 to 6? And how much will it cost?


It phoned with 2 Dealers (in Switzerland), and they said that they don't have it, or that I should downgrade to OS 9...




Is there no possibility to get the Client running on OS X? Hm so far, it runs (in Classic Environment), but I can't get a connection to the Server...




I'm not willing to spend 800$ only to backup this one Box, 'cause it's about 2months ago since i paid 800$ for 5.6.

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