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Backup Server Scripts


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I am using Retrospect Server 5.6 in an Windows environment. I have setup the "Backup Server Script" to run. I am trying to backup clients volumes I have setup and not their entire drive.




The client sets up their machine to be backed up and the server connects and backups their data fine the first time. When the user sets up the client to run a second or third time the backup only backs up the first volume. The other four volumes the server doesn't attempt to backup even though the volumes have new files in them. How can I get the server to backup all the volumes when the user schedules a backup and not the entire drive?

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The other four volumes the server doesn't attempt to backup even though the volumes have new files in them.




How are you determining this? If you look in the Operations Log, check these backups specficially - are the volumes listed? If so, what information does the log provide? Does it say No files need to be copied? If you're sure files have changed, make sure you are using the All Files selector in your script. A custom made selector may be excluding more then you planned on if configured incorrectly.

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I can tell the other volumes aren't being backup by the log and by watching the "backup server" window in Retrospect. When I look in the log the other volumes aren't listed.




The script does list all files should be backup up too.




What it looks like is happening to me, is the users/client sets up a backup to run as soon as possible. Retrospect Server picks this up, backs up the oldest volume and then reset the user's/client before backing up the rest of the volumes on the user's/clients machine. If the user's/client runs the backup as soon as possible four time in a row everything is backed up fine. But I need to set up Retrospect so that it backs up everything on the first setup.

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Edit your script and remove the individual hard drives from your Source list. Add the computer name, listed under Backup Clients. When the entire client computer is listed as a source, Retrospect will backup all drives when accessing that client computer. When the drives are listed individually, they are considered seperate sources and will be backed up as such - seperate from other sources.




Make sure you are using the Client software, as outlined in the Networking section of your manual, to properly backup these client computers.



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